Creating an effective corporate culture that promotes innovation has been key for us.


We constantly analyse and create processes for the development of solutions and products. We cover all of the group’s business units (technology, industry and engineering), thus achieving unique and market-transforming competencies by providing technology to the most reluctant sectors.


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<h3style=”font-size: 14pt;”>Technological capabilities allow us to providing technology for critical infrastructures in different markets:

Security, communications and defence

Energy and Control

Connectivity Digital Wireless for IoT


– Chemical, petrochemical and shipbuilding sectors.

– Manufacture and assembly of fixed (jacket type) and floating structures for offshore wind power.

  Civil Engineering, specialising in the port sector


The R+D+I area coordinates the different research and development groups of all business areas and drives the development of new products and technologies. It also promotes the improvement of processes, methods, and tools.

In our proposal, we use the Agile Methodology, which allows us to tackle complex projects developed in dynamic and changing environments flexibly.

AMPER collaborates with Universities and Technology Centres with the aim of promoting advanced research in the fields in which we work, in order to place the GRUPO AMPER at the forefront of the sectors in which it operates.

Promoting science and innovation in our environment is one of our maxims.

Innovation Projects


The KODA-IPEC project (Knowledge-based and data-driven Agriculture tools for Irrigation of Permanent Crops) develops the construction of a smart and sustainable agriculture tool based on Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, intelligently managing irrigation and fertigation, including the development of efficient phytosanitary strategies.

Proyect SALTED

The European SALTED project aims to unify and enrich data sources under the NGSI-LD model, which are deployed in the open data portals of the European Union.

AMPER participates in the project by implementing a use case in the agricultural world, in which heterogeneous sources, such as CO2 sink information obtained with LIDAR technology and crop type information obtained with satellite images, are unified and enriched in the standardized model. The resulting information is displayed on a digital platform.


The INMINENCE (Intelligent Management of next generation Mobile Networks and services) project develops solutions to increase the capacity and robustness of 5G deployments by taking into account a third dimension supported by unmanned aerial vehicles.

Proyect MACSM

The MACSM project has developed an automatic and compact machine for the characterisation of marine soils, capable of taking soundings from the seabed with a penetration of between 3 and 6 metres. It is autonomous and does not require the intervention of divers or land personnel except for the operations of setting up and collection. It can probe all types of soil. It also has a complete set of sensors and an artificial intelligence system that allows it to “learn” from accumulated experience.


The GREEN HYDROGEN project has developed the manufacture of a new type of electrolyser that takes advantage of the catalytic properties of some semiconductors (such as titanium dioxide) and the large specific surface area of activated carbon to generate H2 with commercial efficiency and without using precious metals.