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Control Centers

Amper’s goal is to become the leader in the market of all the range of solutions associated with Control Centers. From the complex C5i (Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Coordination, Intelligence) applied to Public Security Control Centers at the smaller council management centers. Amper proposes solutions for all types of public and emergency services with their own products like Gemyc, nemesis and MPR family of mobility solutions, the integration of surveillance systems and infrastructure protections and the possible add-on of telecommunications systems Tetra, LTE and other radio technologies or Amper service PoC. All these, together with a great selection of integral partners and specialists directly backed up by Amper Projects Team assure the success of an implementation project.


Emergencies 112 / 911

Emergency centers are the main asset to help citizens in any kind of incident. Depending on the organization and characteristics of the country they can be organized at a local council, county or global level within the nation. Centers that manage 112 / 999 have to meet the current demands of citizen service supplying means of communication aligned with their user’s needs.
Even though the main way of communication continues to be by telephone, customer service must have connectivity with other elements such as messaging systems, emergency mobile apps and direct support, social media e-Call systems, panic buttons, etc. Wherever the entry of the communication happens, the goal of 112 / 999  service is to obtain the maximum information possible about the incident including location, to identify and inform the agencies with the adequate response and to follow up the situation until its closure including the appropriate reports. This is summarized in the following graph:


The Police and other security services for citizen security are the first response agency that receives more calls transferred from 112 / 999, either automatically or manually through the transfer of information via voice. Furthermore, being responsible of the security and surveillance, they need to have a growing number of implementations with surveillance systems, citizens sensors and other new techniques for the early detection of incidents. Police and Security Control Centers have to be ready to provide information in real time about the development of an incident and to be capable of analyzing it through recordings immediately, even if it continues to develop.
Nemesis has the majority of implementations with localization of resources and victims, analytical and video surveillance, citizen sensor and other type of early detection devices for incidents.


Managing an ambulance service has two main components. The first one is the attention to the immediate emergency applied in accidents or other risky circumstances for the population. The second one is the programmed sanitary assistance that is composed mainly of the programmed transfer of patients that are going to undergo surgery or receive a treatment or whatever circumstance is expected in the sanitary system.
Although there are some foreseen interaction mechanisms (internet, mobile apps, social media) the main entry point for all emergency service is voice. Since receiving the call, there is a basic flux of the incident that is present in almost all management system of ambulances and that corresponds with the following graph:

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