Effective Solutions for Defence and National Security

In an increasingly dangerous world, it is important to have effective solutions to protect people and critical assets. At Amper Group, we are leaders in defence and security solutions, with extensive experience and a strong commitment to making the world a safer place.

Our wide range of high quality products and services are designed to suit the unique needs of our customers around the world. From advanced communication and surveillance systems to innovative detection and response technologies, our solutions are at the forefront of Defence and Security.

Whether you need to enhance the security of your business or organisation, or are looking for innovative solutions to complex Defence, Security or Aerospace Technology challenges, our expert teams are ready to help.


We are pioneers in the implementation of comprehensive security solutions for its customers worldwide. With a strong track record in the industry, we have established a benchmark in the development of high quality defence systems and strategies, adapting to the needs of diverse sectors such as electronic warfare and naval platform development. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation in the market, providing our customers with customised solutions for their security needs.


We specialise in the research, development and implementation of advanced security solutions to protect people, assets and critical environments. With a holistic and strategic perspective, we combine innovative technologies with our deep understanding of each client’s specific challenges and needs. We excel in the design and construction of protection and defence systems, as well as in the provision of emergency services with the aim of guaranteeing our clients’ peace of mind and protection at all times.


We are leaders in the development of technological solutions for the aeronautical sector, providing advanced communication, navigation and surveillance systems for airports. We offer infrastructures and services that guarantee the efficiency and safety of air operations, including unmanned air traffic. At Amper Group, we focus on two key areas in the aeronautical field: airport management and the development of unmanned air traffic management (UTM) systems.