Committed to Sustainability

At Grupo Amper we are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to help create a cleaner and greener future. We offer a wide range of services in renewable energy, including offshore wind and photovoltaic component manufacturing and promotion solutions, energy production and distribution, green industry and space digitization.

One of its most effective solutions is offshore wind power, which generates large amounts of clean, renewable energy offshore, reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Photovoltaic energy is also an excellent option for reducing carbon footprint and increasing energy independence, and is becoming increasingly accessible and cost-effective. In addition, Grupo Amper works in energy production and distribution, offering consulting services to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency. They also focus on the green industry, offering solutions for waste management, the reduction of atmospheric emissions, the promotion of the circular economy and green hydrogen. Finally, the digitization of spaces is another important solution in the quest for sustainability. We use technology to optimise energy production and distribution processes, and offer automation and control solutions to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency in companies and industries.

At Amper you will find a wide range of energy and sustainability solutions. In addition, with its focus on innovation, it has a certified capacity for complex system integration that allows it to offer its customers complete turnkey solutions.

Offshore Wind Power

Offshore wind energy, or marine wind energy, has become one of the main sources of renewable energy worldwide. In this sense, Amper is positioned as a leader in the manufacture of offshore platforms for offshore wind farms, both components for floating platforms and fixed structures, through its company Nervión Naval-Offshore, which is in the process of national expansion.

In addition, we also have Proes, an engineering specialized company, where the best engineers for the development of offshore wind energy are located. This allows us to participate in all phases of the projects, from the preliminary studies and calculations to the design of the construction and commissioning.

Offshore wind energy is a renewable energy source with great potential in the fight against climate change, and our company is committed to offering innovative and efficient solutions for its implementation.

Amper, through Nervión-Naval Offshore and Proes, has reached agreements with the main players in the offshore wind energy sector with the aim of promoting the development of this field. These agreements will allow Amper and its associated companies to offer innovative and efficient solutions for the design, construction, and maintenance of offshore wind farms. Thanks to its extensive experience in the marine sector and in renewable energy projects, Amper is positioned as a key player in the transition towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly economy.

Green Power

Photovoltaic systems are a key technology in renewable energy production. These systems enable the conversion of solar energy into electricity, which contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the fight against climate change. For the implementation of photovoltaic systems, it is necessary to have high quality photovoltaic equipment, which ensures the efficiency and reliability of the system. Furthermore, the installation of these systems requires the participation of companies specialised in photovoltaic EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), which are responsible for designing, supplying and constructing the photovoltaic system in accordance with the specific requirements of the client.

In short, photovoltaic systems are an essential tool for the production of renewable energy, and the quality of the equipment and the experience of photovoltaic EPC professionals are essential to achieve an efficient and durable system.

Production and Distribution

In line with our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, at Amper we offer advanced solutions for energy and water management through innovative technologies such as smart grids and smart water systems.

Our smart grids enable smart grid management, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. With our technology, businesses and communities can manage energy more efficiently, reducing costs and improving quality of service. Our smart water systems also enable the intelligent management of water, an increasingly valuable and scarce resource in the world. With our systems, businesses and communities can manage water use more efficiently and sustainably, reducing consumption and minimising waste.

At Amper, we also offer advanced solutions for the management of electrical systems, including the implementation of advanced automation and control systems. Our electrical systems enable more efficient and secure energy management, reducing costs and improving quality of service.

In conclusion, energy production and distribution are fundamental to sustainability, and the introduction of technologies such as smart utilities and smart electricity systems is key to achieving a more sustainable future.

Green Industry

The Green Industry refers to the application of sustainable technologies and processes in industrial production. This involves not only the reduction of emissions and waste management but also the use of renewable energies and the optimization of natural resources. The digital industry has become essential in the transition to a green economy as it enables the optimization of production processes and the reduction of environmental impacts.

In this context, the management of atmospheric emissions has become a priority for the Green Industry as it is one of the main environmental challenges facing industrial production. Additionally, industrial services also have an important role to play in the transition to sustainability, as they offer customized solutions for waste management, recycling, and energy optimization in production processes. The Green Industry provides a unique opportunity to achieve a balance between economic growth and environmental sustainability, which will allow us to build a fairer and more equitable future for all.

Digitalisation Spaces

The digitalisation of spaces through smart building, smart home and smart city solutions is essential to achieve a true digital transformation and create more sustainable and efficient spaces. These solutions make it possible to optimise energy consumption, reduce CO₂ emissions and contribute to environmental protection. In addition, smart city solutions can also optimise vehicle flow, manage public lighting and waste, and reduce dependence on fossil fuels by managing renewable energy. Therefore, the digitisation of spaces is a key tool for a more sustainable and efficient future.